Am I eligible to apply to Magis based on my academic background?

Some Magis applicants already have an undergraduate degree in education while others have a degree in an endorsable content area.  Anyone with an degree in elementary or secondary education and who possesses a teaching certificate (or who will have this by the time the program begins), is welcome to apply.

Applicants that have not gone through a teacher preparation program are encouraged to apply as long as they met the requirements for a teaching endorsement in a specific content area for secondary teaching.

For all interested applicants, the first step is to email an unofficial copy of your transcript to Deanna Mathews so we can determine your eligibility.

Do I need to be Catholic to apply to Magis?

Applicants from any faith background and at any point in their spiritual journey are welcome to apply, though, Magis teachers must show openness to Ignatian Spirituality and feel comfortable living out the gospel values in a Catholic school.  Through seminars, coursework, faith sharing, retreats, weekly spirituality nights and masses, Magis teachers learn about St. Ignatius and the charisms of the Jesuits.

A teacher desiring to teach religion or theology must be a practicing Catholic, as this is a requirement of our partnering schools and dioceses.

I graduated from college a few years ago.  Am I still eligible to apply?

Yes! While there is not an age requirement, typical applicants are college seniors or within a few years of having finished college.  It is common for applicants to work or volunteer for a couple of years before joining Magis.

Am I required to come to Omaha to interview?

No. Interviews are conducted in person on Creighton University’s campus or via Skype. Occasionally, Magis staff will hold interviews in large cities in the Midwest and may request a face-face interview at one of these locations.

Can I choose where I teach?

No. The Magis staff and Selection Committee exercise discernment in matching teachers with the openings in our partnering schools each year.  We note preferences from the Magis applicant about his/her ideal placement grade, type of school and school location, but we cannot guarantee a specific location or school.  We ask for trust in the placement process and for openness to go where you are needed most.  Magis teachers serve in a variety of grade levels  (K-12th) and settings throughout the Midwest including urban, suburban, small town and American Indian Reservation schools.

What does the Magis community living requirement look like?

It is a requirement that Magis participants commit to living simply in intentional community for the duration of the two years in the program.  All Magis teachers live in community and eat in the campus dining halls during the summers on Creighton University’s campus.  During the school year, Magis teachers live in smaller communities of 3-8 people in their placement city.  Each teacher has his/her own bedroom and bathrooms are shared.  Magis community members are expected to support each other; regular dinners, spirituality evenings and social outings are common.

What are the financial commitments and benefits of Magis?

Program participants are full-time volunteer teachers and graduate students who earn a modest monthly stipend which is adequate to cover personal expenses, travel to/from their teaching placement school, books, rent and summer incidentals.  Magis teachers earn a full scholarship master’s degree and have the ability to defer loans.  Magis teachers are not permitted to have additional employment for their duration of time in the program.

Will I be able to coach or serve as a club moderator as a Magis teacher?

Yes!  Magis teachers are encouraged to get involved in the school community, as it’s a great way to get to know the students and the larger community.  Magis teachers are not allowed to take on the responsibilities of a head coach due to the demands of academic coursework, community living, and intentional spiritual development.  Magis teachers are great assistant coaches, club moderators, or fans so long as they are keeping up with their Magis commitments first.