Three Pillars

Your experience in Magis Catholic Teacher Corps is a holistic approach–educating the whole person.

Community: You will become part of various communities during your time in Magis. Your home, classroom, school, church and city are just a few communities that you will be invited to build and create throughout your experience.

Professionalism: Creighton University is one of the midwest’s leading Catholic and Jesuit universities and we are proud to offer a seasoned education faculty that will provide you the foundation necessary to provide you the tools to succeed  as a teacher. Graduate coursework is immediately applicable to your classroom experience.  Additionally, because Magis is a relatively small program, field supervision and observation is a primary layer of support to ensuring that all teachers have the resources necessary to be effective teachers.

Spirituality: St. Ignatius, founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) missioned his men 500 years ago to “find God in all things.”  As teachers, you will inevitably grow spiritually because of your work and community life. It is by coming to know Jesus, the first teacher, that teachers more fully recognize the divine in daily life.

Magis Catholic Teacher Corps not only trains teachers with the professional skills and dispositions necessary to succeed in the classroom, but also encourages a lifestyle of simple living and spiritual growth that nourish the personal life of a teacher far beyond Magis. Magis teachers become models of faith for their students.

Learn more about the three pillars of Magis Catholic Teacher Corps – Professionalism, Community, Spirituality