Magis teachers who do not already possess a teaching license will receive a provisional (temporary) license at the completion of their first summer in order to comply with Nebraska state teaching requirements.  This license is good for 2 years.  Upon completion of Magis Catholic Teacher Corps, teachers are encouraged to complete their licensure requirements to obtain their full Nebraska teaching License and transfer to other states, if desired.

Outside of Nebraska, we work with the Magis placement schools and principals to comply with the various state guidelines for each Magis Teacher. Often each situation is slightly different, depending on which state the Magis teacher is teaching, the state in which the magis teacher attended undergraduate studies, and the background in which the Magis teacher has prior to joining the program.

For questions regarding licensure, please contact Colleen Chiacchere, Magis Assistant Director or Dr. April Buschelman, our Education Department Certification Officer.