Magis Catholic Teacher Corps seeks individuals who are considering a vocation to teaching. We understand that furthering your education is a sacrifice, and Magis does not want new teachers to have the burden of debt upon completion of their graduate studies.  Therefore, tuition for all graduate studies is fully funded.  All room and board is also covered during the summer months.

Magis teachers begin receiving their stipends in the first month of full service (August or September). These stipends will be used to help pay rent/utilities, shared food costs, and any personal expenses a student has. The stipend permits a student to live comfortably with a modest budget while in the program.

Students are not allowed to have an additional part-time job, however, stipends earned from coaching or additional extra-curricular school duties may be earned.

While the large majority of costs are covered by the program, new teachers should consider the following expenses during their first summer since they will not receive their first stipend until August.

  • Book fees
  • Spending money

Note: While a student in Magis, students receive full loan deferment. See  the “benefits” page for more information.