What kind of support can a Magis teacher expect?

The most important service Magis Catholic Teacher Corps can provide its teachers is a solid network of support, both to enable professional growth and to encourage personal and spiritual development. Supervision is a crucial element of the Magis teacher formation process, and is often cited by magis teachers as the key element that enables them to flourish as teachers. All Magis teachers have at least three support resources at their disposal throughout their two years in the program:

  • An academic supervisor
  • The school principal
  • A designated mentor teacher in their local school

Principals provide ongoing formative and summative evaluations of the teacher’s teaching, community, and spiritual formation. Mentor teachers serve a non-evaluative role by helping Magis teachers orient to their new city and school, conferencing with them about instructional and curricular goals on a regular basis, and reflecting with the Magis teacher about successes and struggles in and out of the classroom.