Milwaukee, WI

Carla Villareal, C16, M.S. Educational Leadership
Undergrad: New Mexico State- Las Cruces
Placement: Catholic East Elementary School

Danelle Topil, C16, M.Ed. Secondary Teaching
Undergrad: University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Placement: St. Rafael Catholic School

Drew Wilson, C15, M.Ed. Secondary Teaching
Undergrad: Creighton University
Placement: St. Anthony High School, Social Studies & Religious Education

Gabriela Perino, C16, M.Ed. Secondary Teaching
Undergrad: University of Notre Dame
Placement: Catholic East Elementary School

Shannon Fuller, C16,M.Ed. Secondary Teaching
Undergrad: Creighton University
Placement: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

Elizabeth McLaren, C15, M.Ed. Secondary Teaching
Undergrad: Creighton University
Placement: Notre Dame Academy, English and Language Arts

Cora Byrne, C15, MS Educational Leadership
Undergrad: Creighton University
Placement: Dominican High School, Math

Isabel Utschig, C15, M.Ed. Secondary Teaching
Undergrad: Marquette University
Placement: Dominican High School, Science